32 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza La Habana
32 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza La Habana


Ethnic pop group RA:AK which means “enjoyment” in Chinese, was formed in 2006 with a group of very talented musicians in Korea. RA:AK reaches after maintaining Korean traditional rhythm and ideas of music, but interprets to the public with putting modern styles of music and fun. All the members of RA:AK work as a team to compose, arrange and record each songs on their own.

RA:AK is commented as popular music with beautiful melody played by traditional Korean instruments and Western instruments such as a drum, a guitar, and Latin percussions.

Their harmony of Western and Korean instruments is very impressive and the music was awarded prizes from Minister of Cultures, Sports and Tourism, 21century Korean music project and so on. It’s music is not just rhythmical and easy listening but also creative and imaginative. Although the music is based on the Korean traditional music, the musicians never forget progressivity of its music from tradition, and consideration towards to the public.