32 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza La Habana
32 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza La Habana


Michaela Rabitsch – singer and Austria’s only female top jazztrumpetplayer and her ingenious partner – guitarist Robert Pawlik are presenting jazz with catchy melodies, strong harmonies, groovy rhythms and adventorious improvisations in a fine balanced vocal – instrumental mix. “Moods“ – their third common release, is reflecting their current work – songs out of their lives.

Once melancholic – subtle, then full of energetic power, once misterious, once offensive – as moody as life can be. With lyrics, directly accessed from life , they are touching with tunes which play through all the facetes of being.

With brilliant instrumental technic and a silky velvet voice they are clothing their songs into a trendy, smooth – cool jazzrobe. Music for body and soul!