32 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza La Habana
32 Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza La Habana


Concerti with the Joquín Betancourt’s Jazz Band.

Musician,composer, arranger and music teacher. Degree from Gothenburg College of Music. Portrayed in swedish television in 1999. Portrayed in swedish radio P2. Finalist in music 2000 Composer Festival in Cincinnati, USA. First performance in Sarajevo Winter Festival 2001 with an orchestral work. Composer in residence at Hafnafjordur Art studio Iceland in 2003.  First performance in Lisbon with a choir piece for Coro Odyssea 2005. First performance in Whitewater, Wi USA 2011
Composer in Residence in Santa Fiora, Italy 2011. Premiere Performance in Kampala Uganda, 2014.  Premiere Performance in Izmir, Turkey, 2014 .  Composer in Residence at the Isla Verde Bronces Brass Festival, 20
15, Isla Verde, Argentina.